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Backyard Blizzard!

FIRST Lego League (FLL) is well under way here at GA, and our two middle school teams are ready to compete. They are finishing their robot programs and strategies; they are polishing their presentations; they are fabricating their prototypes; they are exhibiting amazing teamwork and cooperation. The Backyard Blizzard, a CT state official qualifying event is being held on Sat. Nov. 22, 2014 here at GA. If you are registered for this event, please visit this page. An official welcome email will be sent out once we have received confirmation from CT FIRST. our Upper School girls, RoboEpic 5017 (FTC team), are very excited to help run this event.


Greenwich Academy Robotics is in full swing!

As of today, all levels of robotics here at GA are fully operational. RoboEpic, FTC 5017, is hard at work building a new robot for this year’s game, Cascade Effect. They are learning more about mecanum wheels,and how to build the best chassis for this drive type. Both FLL teams are well on their way to making a physical prototype for their solution to the theme, World Class this year, and are busy learning the EV3 programming language to complete the missions on the board. The Middle School club starts today, as well as the Lower School Serendipity program. As of now GA has 60 students involved in robotics throughout the three divisions. As an essential part of the growing STEM initiative here at GA, robotics is a signature program that offers students after-school options for developing their STEM interests, which compliment any STEM offerings they are taking part of during the school day.