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RoboEpic 5017’s Post-Season Wrap Up

After three long days at the East Super-Regional in York, PA (April 3-5, 2014), the girls have a lot of which to be proud. Although they came up just short of a trip to the world championship, they had their best robot performance of the year, finishing 16th out of 36 teams in their division despite the fourth hardest schedule. They also had the fourth highest ranking points in their division; a feat that is difficult to achieve. Their four wins in eight matches were very impressive and could have easily been six, they lost two very close matches that came down to the final seconds. They received serious consideration from several teams as an alliance partner for the final rounds but unfortunately they were not picked for the elimination rounds.

On the judging side, they had a clear goal going in and were aiming to win the Motivate Award, described below.

 This judged award celebrates the team that exemplifies the essence of the FTC competition through team building, team spirit and enthusiasm. They celebrate their team, their individuality and their spirit through costumes and fun outfits, a team cheer and their outstanding spirit. This team has also made a collective effort to make FIRST known throughout their school and community.

Guidelines for the Motivate Award:

  • Team demonstrates respect and Gracious Professionalism to all
  • Team functions as a cohesive unit to discover the goals of the program
  • Team can articulate the journey of becoming a team of individuals with different roles
  • Team has formed and can articulate internal processes to assign roles and communicate between team members
  • Team attitude of celebration and spirit is consistent throughout the team and the competition
  • Team is enthusiastic
  • Team functions well as a unit
  • Team enthusiasm is evident in community outreach
Out of the 72 teams at the tournament, they were announced as a finalist, top three, for the Motivate Award. Though they did not win this award, they felt luck to be considered for this award. They were in good spirits on Saturday night and have already themselves planning for next year. What I think says the most about this team is that they were not so upset that they didn’t get to go to the world championship, but that they didn’t get a senior student to the world championship before she graduated. They are truly an impressive group and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year. 



Spring is upon us

And with spring brings Varsity sports which unfortunately wins out over robotics this time of year. But have no fear! The eighth graders have stepped up to begin to learn about FTC and the Tetrix kit. They begun to strip our robot down to the chassis, while simultaneously building another holonomic drive chassis. What a great way to learn about engineering – by reverse engineering! They see how it was put together, appreciate the complexity of the robot, and are brainstorming about next year’s design already! New recruits! Are you ready!?!

Gotta love Home Depot

We took a few team members to Home Depot early one Saturday morning and let them loose! They literally ran around the store looking for materials to use for their FTC robot. Its was like Supermarket Sweep! – that old TV game show. They let there with quite a lot of supplies and the motivation to build, build, build.