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At Greenwich Academy, an all-girls preparatory day school in southern Connecticut, we have embraced the S.T.E.a.M. initiative which has become so prevalent in many schools around the country. Including robotics in the daily lives of our students has allowed our girls to learn more about engineering and computer programming as they develop their confidence and team-building skills. Working together towards a common goal has benefitted both the students and the faculty involved in many ways.
A little history of our program:
In 2008, we ordered a dozen Lego Mindstorms NXT kits and asked some 7th and 8th graders to pilot a robotics club. This group met once a week after school for about an hour and played around with the robots. They made their own courses and challenges in order to share their learned skills with one another. It was a great deal of fun for them and for us! They even went to two local robotics expos held at area schools to compare their abilities with other students their age who had been working on similar projects during the school year.
The next few years brought more robots and more students. We expanded into 3rd/4th grade Lower School clubs, a 5th/6th grade club, plus the original 7th/8th grade club. We even started a 9th-12th grade club! Each group met after school once a week to learn how to build and program their bots. Little by little, more and more students have joined each club or moved up to the next grade level’s club. Now in 2015, we now have a Lower School Robotics after school program, a Middle School Robotics Club, two FIRST Lego League (middle school) Competition Teams, and an Upper School FIRST Tech Challenge Competition Team.
Seeing this program grow from just a tiny gear to a FabLab full of parts, with a student age range of 8-18 years of age has been remarkable. It has been truly amazing to witness the birth and development of this mind-bending, character-building, skill-enhancing program. We are slowly transitioning to the EV3 robots for the FLL competition teams, while teaching the newer and younger students the basics of NXT-G and Lego Mindstorms. The Upper School FTC team, RoboEpic 5017 has the added challenge this year of transitioning away from RobotC and Samantha to the new Snapdragon and Android/Studio technology/hardware/software for this new season.
All of the students in our robotics program have been able to work with other students and schools in the area in order to better their skills, meet others that share their passions, and increase their knowledge of robotics and engineering. Since the winter of 2009,  we have hosted an all-ages, local robotics expo, called ROBOnanza!. This casual event is where area teams, students, and schools can showcase their robotic skills and compete in a friendly atmosphere. Additionally, the younger grades continue to participate in various expos in the tri-state area.  It continues to be a positive experience for all those involved.
Please visit the individual team and club pages to learn more about each one, their current undertakings, and their past accolades and accomplishments!


Questions? Need more information?Please contact Gail Sestito & Doug Rendellrobotics@greenwichacademy.orgCo-Directors of Robotics203.485.4040
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