General Event Information


The rules for each level will vary between competition levels. Please see each category for specific rules and course constructions. However, here are some general guidelines:

  • NEW: Each team must provide one volunteer to assist with scoring, judging or other event duties. The volunteer may be a parent, teacher, high school student, or additional coach. Duties can be shared between people throughout the day.
  • There is no limit on the number of robots entered per school/club/team/group
  • Students of any age may participate in any level event
  • Themed Costumes and/or accessories are optional, but encouraged
  • Teams many participate in as many levels of competitions as they choose; check the schedule to ensure times of chosen events do not conflict
  • Any robot platform/hardware with likeness to RCX, NXT, and EV3 robots can be used for all events, but the robots needs to have autonomous capabilities for the challenges (no remote controls) – this is due to the design/size of the challenges.
  • Any programming language may be used in all areas
  • All robots must be completely autonomous in all levels of play, except for Showcase robots
  • Remote controlled robots are permitted in the Showcase arena only, and can be of any size/hardware/platform.
  • Parts are not limited to Lego; parts can be of any creativity and material!

“Gracious Professionalism” (TM) and “Coopertition” (TM) are copyrighted phrases of F.I.R.S.T.



Coaches, Teacher, and Mentors: Make sure to stop by the Coaches’ Corner area during the event for brunch, coffee, and lively discussions.


Questions? Need more information?Please contact Gail Sestito & Doug Rendellrobotics@greenwichacademy.orgCo-Directors of Robotics



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