FTC Scrimmages


Greenwich, CT on Saturday November 8, 2014.

10AM-3PM:  Young Auditorium/E&D Lab

Need Directions? Click here

Please park in the Lower School Parking Area. 

You can still sign up for the event at http://ctftc.org.

  • Bring your robot, tools, and ideas! We will have a large working area, a full field, and control system set up. Be prepared for a day of fun and impromptu scrimmages!


  • We will be “pot-lucking” snacks/drinks for the event. Please consider bringing coffee, breakfast-y treats, or other snack/drink items for the teams to munch on during the day.


  • Lunch will be ordered upon arrival: Pizza is included in the price of the event. Special orders will be an additional cost.

 In order to have a successful day, you’ll need to bring the right materials.  This is good preparation for competitive events.  Please remember to bring the following materials:

  • Your robot  (working or not!  If it’s just a pile of parts, bring them) We are here to help each other!
  • Spare parts – Tetrix, motors, wheels, batteries, chargers, NXT, Lego parts, Samantha module.
  • Tools – wrenches, screwdrivers, hex keys, wire strippers, etc.
  • Computer with RobotC (or Labview) – there will be open WiFi Available, along with FTC field WiFi
  • An outlet strip and extension cord for power
  • Your Engineering Notebook to document your day, and for feedback if you desire.

Please contact us if you have any questions: robotics@greenwichacademy.org


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