GAINS Network

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GAINS (Girls Advancing in STEM) is a social media network for girls interested in STEM fields. Over 500 Girls around the country are able to connect with professionals and women leaders in STEM related universities, labs companies and organizations around the world. GAINS provides girls at all stages of their education and careers with crucial role models and a support system to continue pursuing their passion in STEM. In addition, students can connect with other GAINS members, post messages and blogs, and participate in the virtual mentor program events. Visit and join GAINS NOW!

RoboEpic 5017 runs a subpage off of the GAINS site focused solely on girls in robotics. This page includes articles and discussions, links to robotics competitions and internship opportunities for girls. The goal of RoboEpic’s work on GAINS is to increase female participation in robotics in addition to providing a resource and support system for those involved in robotics fields. Visit and join the GAINS ROBOTICS Community, founded and lead by RoboEpic 5017 NOW!

This April, GAINS is hosting their second annual GAINS conference in North Carolina, at Duke University. Here, participants will attend sessions led by STEM professionals, tour local lab facilities and have the opportunity to connect with STEM professionals and other girls interested in STEM field. Visit the GAINS site to learn more! RoboEpic members are more than happy to answer questions about this conference.



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