Community Outreach

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As part of such a dynamic community like Greenwich Academy, RoboEpic recognizes the importance of Community Outreach. We make it one of our top priorities to make contact with younger kids both at our school and in Greenwich. Most of the work we do involves the Middle School FLL teams at our school and the local Boys and Girls Club in Greenwich.

Every other week, we head down to Boys and Girls Club. We alternate between doing specific robotics activities, like Mindstorms and letting them run our robot, and doing more general STEM activities, like Scratch and hands-on engineering projects. Our goal when we go over there is to show them things that they might not see in their daily elementary schools. Don Palmer, the head of the Boys and Girls Club, is very interested in starting an official FLL team at the Boys and Girls Club. For this year, we are just going to have a more informal robotics club, and next year we hope to start a more official team there. Going to the Boys and Girls club is such a rewarding and inspiring activity, and we get just as much out of it as the kids do.

RoboEpic on the BG Club:

“There are the kids who are ecstatic from the moment we walk in, ready to learn and pay attention, and there are also the kids who are a little more hesitant to be doing extra “schoolwork.” But, no matter how the kids come in though, we leave with them all having learned a lot and them begging for us to stay.”

“We know that we cannot convert every child into a prospective engineer, but exposing these kids to robotics early on gives them a much better chance and motivation to one day pursue a STEM field, which is unmatchable rewarding.”

“When I was young, I remember loving whenever older students would come and enlighten us with their seemingly endless knowledge, and I hope that by going to the Boys and Girls club we can be just as big an inspiration.”



Past Events:



-Engineering towers

-Kitchen Chromatography

Future Events:

-Colonizing the Moon Activity

-Bowling activity with Robots

-Building Circuits



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