FTC 5017: RoboEpic

Upper School Robotics- RoboEpic 5017 


2015 Promote PSA “Why I Chose First”

2014 Promote PSA “Leadership is…”

RoboEpic 5017 FTC consists of a tight-knit group of Upper School girls, all of whom have a common passion for robotics, engineering, design, technology, but most of all community. Each girl contributes her unique set of skills to the team. Between working on the mechanical design and construction of the robot, programming in Java, game strategy, 3D design for custom parts/pieces, a maintaining an award-winning engineering journal, the girls always work together like a well-oiled ant farm. Year after year, the team creates an innovative, consistent, and successful robot, reaches out the community in a variety of ways, and keeps the energy high (as seen on our Awards Page). See our “Tigerlily” page for more information about our robot, game strategy, and programming. For more information about our community outreach, please visit our Community Page.

Now we are in the midst of the FTC competition season. This year’s challenge, TBD involves “who knows!”  Each team has the ability to compete in up to three different states (or regions) during the qualifying competition season, which stretches from December to March. We have had a great run in years past, earning our way to the Eastern Super Regionals two years in a row! We hope to have another stellar year and even earn a ticket to the World Championship in April!

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Watch a video about FTC here!

www.ftceast.org/ <- East Super-Regional Tournament


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