What to Bring to an FTC event?

Mentors and Teams!

Get ready for the Gator Bowl!

Here is a list of what to bring on game day:

  1. Print out a Team Roster through the Team Information Management System. Be sure every team member has parental Consent & Release, either through the Youth Team Member Registration System or a printed form. If you have students not ale to complete forms digitally, please bring paper copies of the waivers signed by parent/guardian. We will have extra forms on hand as well.
  2. Scouting Form or Scouting Spreadsheet (shared by Team #4997 Masquerade).
  3. Use a team self-inspection checklist to be sure that you are prepared for your Inspections. We will have extras on hand.
    • Robot Inspection Checklist with the Team column completed
    • Field Inspection Checklist with the Team column completed
    • Your robot will not pass Inspection it does not have a proper flag holder. To be certain your design will hold a regulation alliance flag securely during competition, here are instructions on  how to make your alliance flags to the exact regulations.
  4. Apply for the Control Award! Be sure to read the instructions and complete the Control Award Content Sheet and check with Pit Admin at the event on how to submit it.
  5. Have you submitted a Promote and Compass Award? Do so here!
  6.  Engineering Notebook (collected at check-in)
  7. Safety Glasses – Safety Glasses are required in the pits and on the competition field. No exceptions.
  8. Power Strip (s) – A single power outlet will be provided at the team’s pit table. Bring your own power strip for multiple outlets. Remember to charge all batteries in a well-ventilated area. For this rescheduled event, power will NOT be provided a the pits due to power constraints. There will be many charging stations available, as well as a “tool” station where you can bring your tools to use them should they require power. See the restriction guidelines here.
  9. Decorations and team spirit! a 6 ft table will be provided, though decorations are limited at this event due to space constraints. See the information regarding the rescheduled date requirements here.
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