Day-of-event Team Check-In

Team Arrival:

Please arrive no earlier than 7:30AM unless you are volunteering at the event. Team Check-In will begin promptly at 7:30AM. if you arrive earlier, you may begin to set up your pit area.

It is important that all teams arrive on time and report to the registration table upon arrival. This will ensure that team journals are collected, inspections begin, and matches can be created. Please call/text 914-417-7012 if you are running late.


Mentor/Team Check in:

Team check in is necessary for your team to be officially entered into the event. A map of campus will be provided to you (for interviews).

At the registration table you will: 

  • Confirm team name/number
  • Confirm Number of students and coaches
  • Submit the TIMS printout of team members.
  • Turn in the Engineering Journal.
  • Share information regarding previous awards or advancement at other FTC events for 2015-2016 Velocity Vortex Season. (See Eligibility requirements below)
  • Pay for pre-ordered pizza and drinks


Important Team/Robot Information:

1. Please ensure that your robot has a flag holder easily accessible near the top of your robot.

2. Team numbers need to be large and visible on two opposing sides of the robot for ease of identification. See rules for specifications.

3. Match lists will be available as soon as all teams have:

a. Checked in

b. Passed inspections

c. Been interviewed


After inspections, teams may practice on the practice field.  Please ensure that it does not sustain any damage and that field elements remain on the field. There is no official sign up for this practice area, so please be gracious and professional; allow others to take turns testing and driving.


FTC Award Eligibility
To ensure fairness to all teams and to provide equal opportunity for all teams to win an award at an FTC Championship tournament, teams are only eligible to win an award at the first three Championship tournaments that they attend. Those teams who compete in more than three Championship tournaments do so for the purpose of being involved in the fun and excitement of the tournament and not with the intention of winning awards or advancing to the next tournament level.

Teams are allowed to win the Inspire Award only once during each tournament level (Qualifying, Championship, and Super-Regional) in their region. Once a team wins the Inspire Award at a Qualifying tournament in their region, they are not eligible for consideration for the Inspire Award in that region and are only eligible to win the other judged or alliance awards at subsequent Qualifying tournaments in their region at that level. The same restriction applies to teams attending multiple Championship regional tournaments.

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