Pit and Practice Area Information

Pit Areas:

Each team will be provided one 6ft.-8ft rectangular table on which work. Decorations are encouraged! Each pit will have a power supply within 3 feet of the table, though you may want to bring your own surge strip or extension cord if you require more than 2-3 outlets.


Pit Rules:

  • Please wear safety glasses at all times in the practice, pit and field area.
  • Please make sure you bring spare parts, batteries and chargers, and safety glasses.
  • Please make sure that remain in your pit area and do not encroach on your neighbor’s pit area.
  • If you have large posters or banners to hang, we can accommodate that request.
  • The pit areas should be clear of obstructions.
  • There should be NO team or personal networks in the pits.
  • Please charge all batteries in a clearly ventilated and open area.
  • Although eating is permitted in the gym, be careful with open containers as liquids can damage any equipment you may have. Also, please be courteous with food and food containers; use appropriate receptacles for trash and recycling.


Practice Field Area:

This field is FTC 5017’s practice field. Although it has sustained some wear and tear, it is a fully functional field. Please ensure that it does not sustain any damage and that field elements remain on the field. Please bring your own IR beacon, or share with another team. 

There is no official sign up for this practice area, so please be gracious and professional; allow others to take turns testing and driving.


Queue tables:

In order for the matches to run smoothly, there will be queuing tables at which the teams will meet before each official match. These tables will be in the competition area. There will be a volunteer helping teams and guiding them to the proper area/match. Please be early for your match and waiting at the queue table when ever possible. This will make things run smoothly. Please remember your safety glasses.



Since this is a FIRST event, gracious professionalism and courtesy is expected from every attendee at all times. Please be kind to one another, assist others when needed, and be gracious in all you do. Remember, you are representing your school/team/town, and you want to leave the best impression behind.

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