Robot Matches

Once all teams have been interviewed and passed inspections, the match list will be generated.


Teams are randomly assigned to qualifying matches and alliances. This schedule indicates alliance partners and match pairings. It also indicates the alliance’s color (red or blue) and the position in the alliance station (1 or 2) for the drive team.


These matches start immediately after the Opening Ceremonies in accordance with the qualification match schedule. The queue volunteer crew works together throughout the day to line up teams for the matches and maintain the schedule. It is very important to pay attention to the match schedule and listen for announcements throughout the day. You need to know when you will compete, find out the number of the ending match before lunch, and find out which match is the last match of the tournament day.


Queue tables:

In order for the matches to run smoothly, there will be queuing tables at which the teams will meet before each official match. These tables will be in the competition area. There will be a volunteer helping teams and guiding them to the proper area/match. Please be early for your match and waiting at the queue table when ever possible. This will make things runs smoothly. Please remember your safety glasses.



All teams are ranked based on the same number of qualifying matches. In some cases, a team is asked to play a surrogate match which does not count towards their standings during the event. This additional match is denoted on the match schedule or announced to the teams prior to the start of the qualifying matches.

At the conclusion of each match, Qualifying Points (QP) and Ranking Points (RP) are awarded:

Qualifying Points (QPs)

  • Winning teams of a qualifying match each receive two (2) QP.
  • Losing teams of a qualifying match receive zero (0) QP.
  •  If a qualifying match ends in a tie, all four teams receive one (1) QP.
  •  If a team is disqualified, they receive zero (0) QP.

Ranking Points (RP)

  • Both alliances receive the losing team’s pre-penalized score as RPs.
  • In the event of a tie, the lowest score will be given to all teams as RPs.
  • If an alliance is disqualified, the winning team will be given their own score as RPs.

Please see the game manual (part 1) for more information about alliance selection and elimination matches, as well as robot game play, rules, requirements, sizing, materials, and inspection.

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