General Safety Information


  • Safety is our first priority – Please be sure that your teams are aware of exits. We will have a first aid kit and AED, as well as CPR/First Aid trained staff on site in case of any minor injuries. Please report any injury, even the most minor one, so that we are accountable for everyone’s safety. Also, always make sure your team is wearing safety glasses at all times.
  • Facilities – Please ensure your team stays within the areas in which were designated to be: Raether Gym, and selected classrooms in the Upper School. Signs will be posted.
  • Please wear safety glasses at all times in the practice, pit and field area.
  • Please charge all batteries in a clearly ventilated and open area.
  • Although eating is permitted in the gym, be careful with open containers as liquids can damage any equipment you may have. Also, please be courteous with food and food containers; use appropriate receptacles for trash and recycling.

Since this is a FIRST event, gracious professionalism and courtesy is expected from every attendee at all times. Please be kind to one another, assist others when needed, and be gracious in all you do. Remember, you are representing your school/team/town, and you want to leave the best impression behind.

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