Robotics Clubs

This is where the engineering begins! In the club program the girls learn the basics of building and programming, using the Lego Mindstorms kits. Starting from the basic model, the girls learn to improve upon this design and make customizations based on the unique challenges presented to them. In the fall, the groups can participate in the RoboExpo at the Unquowa School, while in the spring, the girls are able to participate in GA’s own ROBOnanza! Both of these events are fun and friendly, and the students are able to build and program their robots to complete various tasks.  After spending time in the club, the girls walk away with a deeper appreciation for robotics, and they can move to the next level if they choose – the FIRST competition teams!


Lower School:

Serendipity! – in this once a week, after school session, girls in groups III and IV have many opportunities! They can start from the beginning and learn basic skills, or seasoned programmers get to work in independent challenges to further hone their skills! Local expos and GA’s own ROBOnanza! are where these girls shine like robo-stars!

“Friday Afters” – in this exceptionally fun atmosphere, girls learn the basics of programming to create stories, events, shows and even skits with their robots! This group has the opportunity to compete in ROBOnanza!

Middle School Club (grades 5-8):

Middle School Robotics Club –  this group offers students in groups V – VIII the opportunity to learn basic building and programming. The pace is relaxed and conducive to the novices. Once the primary level of programming is taught, the girls quickly enhance their skills, taking on more and more challenges. This group also participates in both ROBOnanza! and other local area expos.

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