Team Verification – COACHES: Important!

COACHES: Please email us at as verification that you have read the content on this site. Please Include the following information included in the body:

  1. Verification of TEAM NAME and NUMBER
  2. Head Coach/contact info verification
  3. How many students on your team(s)/ attending
  4. How many coaches on your team (not including spectators/ parents)
  5. Pizza and beverages order(see concessions for more information)
  6. Please make sure you have your VIMS for students and coaches up to date.
  7. We are in need of volunteers to run this event. If your team has additional adult or student mentors who could fill a volunteer position at this event, please let us know. It takes a village to successfully run and FLL event, and we would appreciate assistance from the community. SIGN UP HERE



There was a hard copy of the consent/release form in past years, but FIRST has moved this online. You will find a link at the bottom of your/the team information system (TIMS) page on the main FLL registration page that allows you to invite parents by putting in their email address. This then sends them a link to an online consent form that they fill out. When you come to the tournament, you will bring a printed roster that lists your students’ consent status on it. Let us know if you need any additional help. If you need paper consent forms we will have them at check-in for team members to fill out. Additional copies are available here for you to print, fill out, and bring with you to the event. This will expedite the check-in process.


This event is open to all spectators and free to attend.


Gail Sestito and Doug Rendell

Greenwich Academy

200 North Maple Ave

Greenwich, CT 06830

203.485.4040 (office)

Since this is a FIRST event, gracious professionalism and courtesy is expected from every attendee at all times. Please be kind to one another, assist others when needed, and be gracious in all you do. Remember, you are representing your school/team/town, and you want to leave the best impression behind.

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