Pit Information

Pit Areas:

Each team will be provided one 6ft.-8ft rectangular table (plus 2-4 chairs) on which to display their project board, materials, and robot. Decorations and team spirit are encouraged! Each pit will have a power supply, though you may want to bring your own surge strip if you require more than 1 outlet.

Please make sure that your team decorations stay within the confines of their assigned area. We want to encourage everyone to to be spirited, but also welcoming to other teams. Say hi to your pit neighbors; you never know if they will be of assistance to you if you are in a bind (and vice versa).

Please no radios or other DJ type devices in the pits. We will have a DJ and tunes playing throughout the event. If your team has a monitor and video, please feel free to play sound at a reasonable level from this device.

Since this is a FIRST event, gracious professionalism and courtesy is expected from every attendee at all times. Please be kind to one another, assist others when needed, and be gracious in all you do. Remember, you are representing your school/team/town, and you want to leave the best impression behind.

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