General Event Rules


General Rules:

  1. Safety is our first priority – Please be sure that your teams are aware of exits. We will have a med kit on site in case of any minor injuries.

  2. Gracious Professionalism -This event is designed to showcase student talents and hard work.

  3. Facilities – Please ensure your team stays within the designated areas of Raether Gym and selected classrooms in the Upper School. Signs will be posted.


Competition Rules:

The official FLL 2017 Hydro Dynamics rubrics will be used in order to be consistent with the FLL program and the CT-FLL State Tournament. Scoring for the robot will be based on the highest achieved score for a single challenge attempt. Each team will get 3-4 runs (at 2.5 minutes each) on the Robot Challenge Field.

“Driver Swapping” is permitted at this event. There will be plenty of room for changing drivers, as well as team member support. All drivers must be present at the queuing area prior to a match. 

Since this is a FIRST event, gracious professionalism and courtesy is expected from every attendee at all times. Please be kind to one another, assist others when needed, and be gracious in all you do. Remember, you are representing your school/team/town, and you want to leave the best impression behind.

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